Our Staff

KNVV’S Arts & Commerce College Kittur respectfully recalls the contribution of the worthy teaching and non-teaching staff who rendered their committed service in the cause of education and laid a ground for academic excellence in the past.

Degree Section:


Permanent Faculty

Name Designation Qualification Date of Apt
Dr. G. K. Bhomanagoudar I/c Principal & Asst. Prof. in Sociology M.A, SLET, M.Phil, Ph.D 09-12-2005.
Smt. R. N. Shettar Asso. Prof. in Economics M.A 26-09-1988.
Shri. J. M. Hanchinamani Asso. Prof. in Commerce M.Com 18-12-1989.
Dr. K. R. Melavanki Asso. Prof. in Kannada M.A, Ph.D DBS 18-12-1989.
Shri. K. N. Narahari Asso. Prof. in History M.A, Ph.D 12-11-1990.
Shri. G. S. Prabhayyanavarmath Asso. Prof. in History M.A 12-11-1990.
Shri. H. K. Nagaraj Asst. Prof. in H.Musicy M.Music 23-10-2002.
Shri. R. B. Havinale Asst. Prof. in English M.A, M.Phil 20-02-2009.
Shri. M. G. Hiremath Asst. Prof in Physical Education M.P.Ed, M.Phil 23-11-2009.


Guest Faculty:

Smt. S. B. Tolagi Commerce M.Com, M.B.A SLET
Smt. P. L. Dhamone Commerce M.Com, NET, SLET,
Sri. B. G. Nandan Pol-Science M.A, Ph.D
Sri. A. K. Kareppanavar Economics  M.A SLET
Shri. C. M. Daddikar Pol-Science MA
Shri. P. B. Honnappanavar Computer Appl M.Sc (IT)
Smt. N. H. Choukinishi Commerce M.Com
Smt. A. G. Hiremath English M.A
Sri. C. M. Garagad Education M.Ed
Sri. C. B. Chikkoppa Sociology M.A
Sri. R. S. Patange Commerce M.Com
Sri. P. P. Naik Computer Application M.C.A
Sri. A. K. Chikkamath Kannada M.A
Sri. M. M. Tigadi Sociology M.A
Sri. N. G. Patil Kannada M.A


Name               Designation Date of Apt
Shri. S. I. Madiwalar F.D.A 10-09-2015
Smt. R. S. Ganiger Asst. Librarian 09-09-2015
Shri. N. N. Hadapad S.D.A 09-09-2015

Management Staff:

Name Designation
Shri. A. F. Changoli Office Assistant
Shri. N. R. Ugarkhod Peon
Shri. A. Y. Pujer Peon
Shri. R. G. Wali Security

P.U. Section:


Name Designation
Shri. M. S. Patil I/C Principal & Lecturer in English
Shri. P. C. Shivanavvanavar. Lecturer in Economics