College Union

College Union: 2020-2021

Co–Ordinator : Dr. K. R. Melavanki. Asso-Prof. in Kannada.
Jt-Co–Ordinator : Prof (Smt). S.. B. Tolagi  Asst-Prof. in Commerce.

Members : Prof. N. G. Patil,  Sri. N. N. Hadapad

Depatments: Chairman

Library : Smt. R. N. Shettar. Asso-Prof. in Economics.

Sri. S. D. Shahapurmath  Librarian
Smt. R. S. Ganiger. Asst. Librarian

Sports : Dr. B. G. Nandan. Asso-Prof. in Kannada.
Sri. M. G. Hiremath. Asst. Prof. Phy.Edn.
Arts /Cultural : Prof. H. K. Nagaraj. Asst-Prof. in H. Music.
Commerce Association : Prof (Smt) S. B. Tolagi.  Asst-Prof. in Commerce.
Study Tour : Dr. K. N. Narahari. Asso-Prof. in History.
Planning Forum : Prof (Smt). R. N. Shettar. Asso-Prof. in Economics.
Ladies Association : Prof (Smt) P. L. Dhamone.  Asst-Prof. in Commerce

Other Organisations:

Students Welfare / Guidance : Chairman. Prof (Smt). R. N. Shettar. Asso-Prof. in Economics.
Women Empowerment Chairman : Prof (Smt) P. L. Dhamone.  Asst-Prof. in Commerce.
Youth Red Cross Prog Officer (Boys) : Dr. B. G. Nandan  Asst-Prof. in Political-Science
Prog Officer (Girls) : Prof (Smt). R. N. Shettar. Asso-Prof. in Economics.
Scouts And Guidance Prog Officer (Boys) Prof. A. K. Kareppanavar. Asst-Prof. in Economics
Prog Officer (Girls) : Prof (Smt) P. L. Dhamone.  Asst-Prof. in Commerce..
Human Rights And R.T.I : Dr. B. G. Nandan  Asst-Prof. in Political-Science.
Heritage Club /Eco Club : President. Prin. Dr. G. K. Bhoomanagoudar
Secretary : Dr. K. N. Narahari.
Discipline Committee : Chairman: Sri. M. G. Hiremath.
Member : Dr. K.R.Melavanki.
Member : Prof. A. K. Kareppanavar
Member : Smt. N. H. Choukinashi.


Chairman: Prin Dr. G. K. Bhoomanagoudar. M– 9632136631
Nodal-Officer: Dr. K .N Narahari. M- 9972842952
Members: 1) Dr. K. R. Malavanki. M– 9902673151

2) Sri. B. G. Nandan. M–  9008907885
3) Sri. M. G. Hiremath. M-9035851074

The Committee will act during college hours on curbing the means of ragging . The Victimized
Students may lodge a complaint to the node officer Dr. K. N. Narahari. on all working days.
E Mail Id :

NSS UNIT: Strength-100
Prog-Officer : Prof. H. K. Nagaraj.

NCC UNIT : Strength-108
Major : Sri.M.G. Hiremath.


Achievements of NCC Unit:
1. Around 185 students have passed B & C certificates since its inception of NCC.
2. More than 50 cadets have joined Army, Police Department and Forest Department.